A) Electronic Torque Wrench

By using torque wrenches developed and produced in our factory customers are in position to pass on a better and higher quality assurance, as data is documented and collected. Construction faults are avoided and a correct manufacturing can be documented completely. A new dimension is opend to quality assurance and -control which today becomes vital because of product liability. Times of random tests belong to past today complete documentation and control of the running assembly process is both possible and essential.

Mechatronic torque wrench TTI

Camover torque wrenches with radio data transmission The TTI-Mechatronic is a worldwide FIRST for assembly lines. For the first time ever the necessary energy for data transmission is self generated. The new patent system of the TTI-Mechatronic works without batteries and is completely maintenance-free. In combination with the data transmission, the range of 868 megacycles, this wrench revolutionizes the assembly process.

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