Electronic measuring instrument DDS-2N 20 - 200 Nm

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Safe control of torque values is done easily with the electronic SALTUS torque wrench DDS-N. The wrench fulfills DIN EN ISO 6789 requirements and because of its design and uncomplicated handling perfectly suited for use in workshops. Functionally the DDS-N concentrates on the essential necessities in application: safe tightening torques for screw fastenings. Unique is our success to offer this battery driven tool at very low price level with optimized quality. After the tool is switched on the screw is simply tightened and the measure function displays the peak value. When reaching the peak measurement the LED flashes and a buzzer sounds. After pressing the zero button the wrench is automatically reset and you can start a new measurement. The integrated battery control avoids insufficient power supply Technical data: · Automatic offset detection · Power saving function by automatic power switch-off · Operating time with fully charged battery: 8 hrs. · Charging time of battery: 14 hrs. · NiMh battery has memory failure · Measurement range 2 - 220 Nm · Precision grade according to DIN EN ISO 6789: +/- 4% · LED green: new measurement can be adjusted · LED flashes red and Buzzer: peak measurement is reached · incl. CHARGER

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